Three Stone Engagement Rings

A three stone diamond ring is a classic, timeless and deeply meaningful gift, whether as an engagement ring, anniversary gift or otherwise. These lovely rings are also known as trilogy or trinity rings and are highly symbolic of everlasting love. A trilogy ring is often set with diamonds, but frequently interspersed with sapphires, emeralds, rubies or other coloured gemstone accents. The three stone design is a versatile ring setting that is highly popular and looks stunning in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold, as well as other precious metals.

One of the main benefits of a diamond three stone ring lies in the design, many of our customers will think ‘why have one diamond, when you can have three?’ A three stone ring can be set with all diamonds, or alternatively can be set with coloured gemstone accents. Many of our customers opt for their birthstone or favourite colour gemstone if their heart is set on gemstone accents.

There is also the option to have three equally sized gemstones in the ring, but more often than not there is a larger principal stone with slightly graduated side stones. These side stones can be the same shape as the centre stone, or a complementing shape. There are lots of variables to this ring setting, and this personalization appeals to many customers who know exactly what they want in their ring, and desire a unique and bespoke creation within a timeless design.

A three stone ring is said to be a representation of a couple’s past, present and future together. An embodiment of a couple’s lifelong love, this design is highly sentimental and is perfect for an engagement ring. The three stone ring embodies the memories of your past, the present day life and the future you are to share with your love. Megan Markle’s engagement ring is a wonderful example of a diamond three stone engagement ring, with a central cushion cut with round cut diamonds either side.

The trilogy ring is a highly romantic design that can be designed with diamonds or coloured gemstones, can appear ultra modern or vintage, and is universally flattering. Other popular settings for diamond rings include the solitaire setting, the halo setting and the cluster setting. For more information on creating the perfect diamond ring for you, contact our jewellery specialists on 01335 453 453 or email