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Tanzanite Jewellery

Discover a stunning selection of tanzanite jewellery at the British Diamond Company. Famed for its intense purple and blue hues, Tanzanite is one of the most revered coloured gemstones in the world. Since it was first discovered in 1967, it is still only mined and sourced from a single region in East Africa making Tanzanite jewellery incredibly coveted and rare. Tanzanite is also known for being the December birthstone and the gift for a 24th wedding anniversary.

At the British Diamond Company, we are proud to use only high quality ethically sourced tanzanite in our tanzanite jewellery, setting the natural gemstones with brilliant cut diamonds into sterling silver and solid gold. Our handcrafted tanzanite rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are expertly designed and produced in the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District, Ashbourne, Derbyshire which makes our range of designer tanzanite jewellery completely unique. You can learn more about tanzanite jewellery and the interest free finance and free delivery available by getting in touch with the team.

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