Single Cut Diamonds

The Single Cut is also referred to as the ‘Eight Cut.’ This is because it is roughly octagonal in shape, it features eight facets on the table and crown, and eight facets on the pavilion. The Single Cut is a simplistic diamond cut, and is a historic cut like the Old Cut and Rose Cut. Deriving from the early 17th Century, the Single Cut is typically cut smaller and provides a sparkling accent to diamond cuts such as the brilliant cut, princess cut, marquise cut, emerald cut and cushion cut.

Single Cut Diamond

Single Cut diamonds are used in all types of jewellery, to include rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings. They are typically very small stones, and usually weigh 0.10ct or less.

Single Cut diamonds look great as accent stones, either in pavé settings, or in clusters surrounding a principal stone. They are also commonly used in luxury watches, as hour markers or decorating the dial.

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