Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut diamond is one of the oldest diamond cuts. It dates back to the 1500s, and consists of a faceted domed top with a flat base. This pretty cut gives any diamond ring or engagement ring a unique, antique and vintage feel. Rose cut diamonds provide a timeless grace, lustre and sparkle to any item of diamond jewellery, and look particularly stunning in earrings and rings.

Rose Cut Diamond

The rose cut diamond was named after its triangular shape facets that were said to resemble the petals unfolding in a rose bud. Unlike modern cuts, all rose cut diamonds are hand cut as they were in the 16th century, so no two are exactly identical to one another.

The rose cut diamond enjoyed a resurgence in 2012 following Justin Theroux’s proposal to Jennifer Anniston with an impressive 8ct rose cut diamond solitaire ring. This has sparked a ‘rose cut renaissance’ in diamond and engagement ring trends. The rose cut is a stylish, individual and cost effective choice.

Owing to their shape, the rose cut diamond retains all of its carat weight face up. As there is a flat base, there are no pavilion facets. This means that the weight of the stone is found in the petal like facets on the dome of the stone. Therefore, carat for carat, rose cut diamonds have a larger surface area than brilliant and fancy cut diamonds when viewed face up.

However there is also a visual consequence to the rose cut’s unique shape. The absence of a pavilion means that the rose cut reacts with light very differently to other cuts. A rose cut diamond displays soft flashes of light and a wonderful lustre when worn, as opposed to the sharp brilliance and fire of the more modern cuts. This doesn’t discount from the rose cut, but it is worth considering whether you want to sacrifice the brilliance and fire of a modern cut for the warm sparkle of the rose cut.

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