Pink Diamonds

A pink diamond is the most romantic and feminine of all the fancy coloured diamonds. Natural pink diamonds can range from a light pink to a deep reddish pink. These rare diamonds are predominantly mined from the Argyle mine in Australia. A pink diamond is a truly breathtaking choice, and is stunning set into a diamond engagement ring or pair of earrings.

The majority of the world’s pink diamonds originate from the famous Argyle mine in Western Australia. The Argyle mine recovers approximately 90% of the world’s pink to red diamonds. Despite this, diamonds of this colour are still a rare occurrence in the mine, and the annual yield is only 40-50 carats.

Pink diamonds are somewhat of an enigma to scientists, who have been unable to ascertain the cause of this fantastic colour. With other fancy coloured diamonds, such as yellow and blue, it is a trace element within the crystal structure that triggers the perceived colour. However, pink diamonds have not been found with a culpable trace element. Instead, scientists believe that this colour is caused by lattice defects in the diamond crystal due to shear stresses whilst forming deep underground. This process is known as ‘plastic deformation’ and is responsible for the graining effect seen in both pink and brown diamonds.

Pink diamonds can have secondary tones such as orange, brown and purple. These are described in diamond reports as ‘orangish pink,’ ‘brownish pink,’ and ‘purplish pink.’ The intensity and rarity of the secondary colour can affect the value of the pink diamond. For example, a pink diamond with a brown hue will be more cost effective than a pink diamond with a purple hue, all other factors being equal, purely because brown diamonds are more widely mined. Likewise, a faint pink diamond will be more affordable than a fancy intense pink diamond of an equal carat weight, clarity and cut. When deciding upon a pink diamond, it is crucial to consider both the hue and the saturation of the colour you decide, as small variations can have large impacts on the perceived value of the stone.

Pink diamonds are a highly fashionable choice, celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez have owned beautiful pink diamond rings. However, their rarity has driven prices up over the last few years, and treated pink diamonds have become widely available.

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