Pear Cut Diamonds

The pear cut is also referred to as the ‘teardrop’ or ‘pendeloque’ cut. The pear shape diamond is effortlessly elegant and makes the perfect choice for a diamond engagement ring, necklace, or setting into a pair of drop earrings. Pear cut diamonds are said to symbolise the recipient’s tears of joy at owing such a stone. An elegant alternative to the round brilliant cut, the pear cut joins increasingly popular fancy cuts such as the princess cut, oval cut, cushion cut, and marquise cut. Browse our stunning selection of pear and fancy cut diamond engagement rings.

Pear Cut Diamond

The pear shape diamond has 15th century origins, making it one of the oldest diamond cuts. It was created by the Flemish diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem, the inventor of the diamond-polishing wheel. The modern pear cut is a modified brilliant cut, combining the traditional round brilliant cut and the edgy marquise cut. The pear cut diamond boasts 58 facets of fire and brilliance.

The pear cut diamond makes a feminine statement for an engagement ring. The elongated shape is flattering, and slims the hand of the wearer. Furthermore, the elongated table and crown facets of the pear cut diamond can make the cut appear larger than a round brilliant cut diamond ‘face up.’ This is due to a shallower pavilion ensuring that more of the weight is seen in the surface area of the crown and table facets.

The perfect pear shape diamond requires excellent symmetry and proportions. Unfortunately, gemmological laboratories do not grade the cut of pear cut diamonds. However, it is best to inspect the diamond face up for symmetry. An ideal length to width ratio for a pear shape diamond is between 1.5 and 1.75. This retains an attractive shape and avoids the optical distraction of the ‘bow tie’ effect.

The pear cut is the ideal choice for those who desire the fire and brilliance of the round brilliant cut, with an elegant and unique shape. The pear shape diamond looks stunning in a solitaire, halo, three stone or custom setting. 

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