Pavé Setting

Pavé setting is a method of gemstone and diamond setting that maximizes the amount of brilliance and light from the stones on show. It is frequently used in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, and is designed to set a quantity of small gemstones at once. A fashionable setting, pavé set shoulders flanking a principal round brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut or oval cut diamond is a truly stunning design for an engagement ring.

Pavé is a French term, and translates to ‘pavement.’ This is an apt explanation of how the stones are arranged in this style of setting. Multiple small gemstones are placed very close together on the piece of jewellery, with small beads of metal securing them into place. The finished effect is much like a ‘paved surface’ with lots of table facets displayed with interspaced metal bead accents. This setting minimizes the amount of metal on show, and maximizes the view of the gemstones.

Pavé settings are created by drilling small holes into the metal for the pavilion facets of the stones to rest in. Then, the metal prongs or beads are placed into the gaps between the gemstones to secure them. This setting is often called a ‘bead’ setting because of the metallic beads that rest in between the gemstones.

The pavé setting provides a continuous sparkle to an item of jewellery, as the light hits several gemstones at subtly different angles all at once. This lively setting acts as a truly brilliant accent to a principal gemstone. The pavé setting lends itself well both to modern designs of jewellery as well as more vintage designs so is a versatile setting to consider for a bespoke item of jewellery. 

As there are so many small gemstones that go into an item of jewellery with a pavé setting, it is highly important to get this jewellery checked regularly. We would recommend visiting one of our many C.W. Sellors boutiques to get your pavé set jewellery checked on a yearly basis to ensure your jewellery shows its maximum brilliance for years to come.

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