Oval Cut Diamonds

The oval cut is an elegant and elongated fancy cut. The oval cut is the perfect choice for those who love the sparkle of the round brilliant cut diamond, but are searching for something a little more unique. The oval cut diamond looks beautiful in engagement rings, set as a solitaire, in a halo setting, or in a trilogy ring. Diamond rings set with an oval cut diamond give a timelessly stylish appearance, coupled with a high degree of brilliance, fire and scintillation. Other highly popular fancy cuts include the emerald cut, the princess cut, and the cushion cut. Browse our selection of IGI, HRD and GIA certified oval cut diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamond

The modern oval cut has 58 facets, and is cut in a similar manner to the round brilliant cut. It is often referred to as a hybrid of the round brilliant and the pear cut. The elliptical shape when worn vertically in a diamond ring is highly flattering, lengthening the fingers and slimming the hands of the wearer.

As well as this, an oval cut diamond can appear larger than a round brilliant cut diamond carat for carat. This is because the elongated table and crown facets retain more of the weight of the stone than the pavilion, and so more of the carat weight is seen ‘face up.’

One of the most famous diamonds in the world is an oval cut. The Koh-i-Noor weighs 105.6ct and is set into the Queen Mothers’ crown. This fabulous piece is kept in the tower of London with the British Crown Jewels.

The modern oval cut was invented in 1957 by the Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan. Kaplan was from a family of prestigious diamantaires. His cousin was Marcel Tolkowsky, famed for creating the Ideal Cut which formed the basis of the modern round brilliant cut.

The oval cut diamond is sleek and modern. The graceful curves of the oval cut are flattering for the wearer. Further to this, the oval cut optimizes its carat weight, appearing larger per carat than the round brilliant cut.

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