Mens Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Our simple guide to finding the perfect engagement ring for him. Our range of men’s engagement rings and wedding bands make eye catching and sentimental tokens to express your eternal love. Browse male engagement rings in white, rose and yellow gold, as well as platinum and palladium options. We also supply wedding band sets, as well as coloured gemstone and diamond engagement rings for gentlemen.

Engagement rings are believed to have been used since the Roman times. Archeologists believe that women wore rings with small keys to symbolise that they were ‘owned’ by their prospective husband. Two thousand years later, engagement rings are absolutely not symbols of ownership, nor restricted only to women! Men’s engagement rings are growing in popularity, and we have a guide to choosing the perfect design for him.

Whilst browsing gentlemen’s engagement rings, bear in mind his style. What sort of jewellery and accessories does he already wear? It is worth considering that his favourite watch is likely to be in the colour metal that would suit him best for an engagement ring. As well as this, assess his style. Is he a minimalist, appreciating a clean and simple design, or does he prefer to make a statement?

Gent’s engagement rings are often set with gemstones, and these gemstones are often in channel or bezel settings so they do not protrude as much as ladies engagement rings. Diamonds are the traditional gemstone for an engagement ring and these can be incorporated as a solitaire style, or with a number of smaller diamonds inset to the ring, or even set to the inside of the band.

Of course, coloured gemstones can also work really well in gentlemen’s jewellery. Stones such as onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite, and hardstones all look fantastic set into rings and provide a more colourful look to the design. These gemstones are all opaque, with a much lower lustre than diamond, so provide a more understated look.

Whether you opt for a classic band ring, an impressive signet ring, or a look-at-me solitaire ring, there is also the option to personalise your engagement ring by adding an engraving. This can be a special message, a significant date, initials or a symbol and all add to the overall sentimentality of the piece.

For gents, there are no set rules as to how an engagement ring or wedding ring should be worn. Many grooms opt for interlocking engagement and wedding rings so that they sit together on the finger, giving the appearance of one ring. However, other grooms move their engagement ring to the right hand and wear the wedding ring on the left. Others choose to save their engagement ring for special occasions. However you choose to wear this special ring, it helps if the engagement and wedding ring are of complementary designs. Our diamond and jewellery specialists will be able to assist you through the buying process to find the best piece for you.

For further information and advice on finding the perfect engagement ring, contact our diamond jewellery and engagement ring specialists on 01335 453 453 or email Our team will also be able to advise you regarding our fantastic interest free credit purchase options available.