Lab-Grown Diamonds

The technology has been available for over a hundred years, originally most diamonds produced were for the industrial industry, however as the process has been honed gem quality diamonds have been produced. The quality today is of excellent and gives the consumer the ability to purchase diamonds for those who are price sensitive and environmentally conscience. It is not possible to distinguish between a diamond grown or one that is mined using the naked eye, even an experience jeweller is highly unlikely to see any evidence of a grown diamond using magnification. To be able to identify a lab-grown diamond the use of advanced laboratory equipment is required, this equipment is very expensive and only a small number of laboratories have this worldwide.

Our lab-grown diamonds display all the fire and brilliance of its natural mined counter part. Both diamonds both are almost completely pure carbon which has grown in the cubic crystal system. Both are equally as hard and durable and both possess the same features and attributes.

The only noticeable difference in mined to grown diamonds is the price. Why pay more so much more money for a mined option which can not even be identified by a jeweller?

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