Jewellery Valuations

We offer a professional valuations service, including valuations for insurance purposes, probate, family division, open market sale, replacement values and post loss assessment. We accept single items, as well as multiple items, for valuation. Our fully qualified valuers form an opinion based on years of experience and training in gemology, diamond grading, settings, and jewellery manufacturing processes, as well as specialist areas of product knowledge. All valuations are appraised by a leading valuer (FGA, DGA).

Why do I need a valuation?

In the event of a loss, a valuation makes your claim easier as it establishes how much your jewellery was worth, and helps you prove ownership of the piece in the event of its recovery. Even if your insurance company does not require a valuation, you may still desire one for peace of mind.

Insurance valuations

Protect against loss with an insurance valuation, which includes detailed descriptions, images, and full replacement values for each individual item. In many cases the replacement value will be considerably higher than the value of selling the item yourself. Most jewellers offer new for old policies, so all modern jewellery must be insured for the full replacement value. 

A typical insurance valuation may include:

  • Cleaning
  • Detailed description of item
  • Detailed assessment of gemstones
  • Hallmarking information
  • Condition statement
  • Provenance (if applicable)
  • Digital images
  • Replacement values

Probate valuations 

Probate is the legal process of dealing a persons assets after they pass away. This is the valuation you will need if you are settling estate, to ensure there us a fair distribution amongst heirs, and to prove the estate value for inheritance tax. Unlike insurance valuations which indicate the full retail replacement value, probate valuations are based on today's trade market value of the jewellery if sold at auction or to a shop. We take into account the value of the materials, prevailing tastes, condition and state of wear of the items.

A typical probate valuation may include:

  • Detailed item description
  • Hallmarking information
  • Condition statement
  • Digital Images (only if requested)
  • Probate Value

 Replacement service

Replacing lost, stolen, or damaged jewellery can be an emotional time. Insurance companies may give you conflicting advice or even push you to use their preferred suppliers to replace your special piece of jewellery or heirloom. Whilst we hope you never have to experience this, here at British Diamond Company we will do all we can to help you replace items you have lost. Our in-house designers can even produce a bespoke replacement that mirrors the original.

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