Fancy Cut Diamonds

Technically, a ‘fancy cut’ diamond is any diamond that is not round in shape. This means that oval, pear, princess, emerald, marquise and radiant cut are all classed as fancy diamonds. Historically, shaping diamonds with a diamond saw was dependant upon the directions of hardness through the rough crystal. However, since the use of lasers to cut diamonds, fancy shape diamonds can now be cut.

All manner of unusual and eye catching shapes can be cut, from horse heads, to Christmas trees and butterflies, to Buddhas, as well as shapes such as hexagons, trapezoids and shields. Here are a few of our favourite examples of truly creative diamond cutting: 

One of the most popular fancy diamond shapes is the horse head. This shape was invented by Henri Daussi Loots, who was a diamond cutter based in Antwerp. The GIA classifies ‘horse brilliant’ as a diamond shape, and naturally these cuts are highly popular for equestrian lovers.

Horse Head Diamond

One of the prettiest fancy diamond shapes is the butterfly. This shape, although rare, looks particularly stunning when cut into fancy coloured diamonds. There are varying designs of diamond rings, when four diamonds are assembled to mimic a butterfly’s wings, however this cut, designed in 1998 is the only patented cut to encompass the butterfly in a single stone.  

Butterfly Cut Diamond

A Christmas tree cut diamond would make an ideal festive gift for a loved one. Designed over 20 years ago by George Saltzman, the Christmas tree cut was modified from a triangular shaped rough crystal known as a macle.

Christmas Tree Diamond

A sparkling reminder to maintain your Zen, a diamond cut in the form of a seated meditating Buddha is another unusual cut we have seen. This particular shape was designed in 1995, and is often set as the centerpiece of elaborate jewellery designs.

Buddha Cut Diamond

Discover many many more unique diamond shapes available with the continuous improvements in diamond cutting technology. To enquire about sourcing one of these unique diamonds, contact our expert team of diamond specialists on 01335 453 453 or email