Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut or step cut, is a highly stylish diamond shape, designed as a rectangle with truncated corners. An emerald cut diamond is the perfect choice for a stunning engagement ring, as a solitaire diamond ring, a trilogy ring, or even in a halo design. Other eye-catching geometric cuts of diamond include the princess cut and the Asscher cut. Browse our GIA, IGI and HRD certified emerald cut diamond rings and jewellery here.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Historically, the emerald cut was used mainly in emerald lapidary. This is because the octagonal design helped to improve the durability of these gemstones. With no sharp corners to the emerald cut, there is less chance of damage to the gemstone, offering better protection than a standard rectangular shape. This beautiful cut was used so extensively for emeralds, it became known as the emerald cut.

It is for this reason that the emerald cut is perfect for diamonds. The truncated corners offer ideal protection to the stone, and also give diamond setters four ideal points to place claws. It is also the best cut for elongated diamond crystals. By cutting to these unique crystals in the emerald cut, the weight of the crystal is retained as much as possible. This gives a heavier and more impressive finished diamond than if the elongated crystal was cut as a conventional brilliant cut.

The emerald cut is also known as the ‘step cut.’ The name emerald cut wasn’t used until the 1920s. This cut was highly popular in the Art Deco era, owing to its stylish geometric design and symmetry that complemented much of the jewellery of the time.

The emerald cut is a wonderful alternative to the brilliant cut diamond, particularly when set into engagement and solitaire rings. The emerald cut offers a stylish and sleek alternative to a round stone.

The emerald cut has an exceptionally large table facet, surrounded by stepped crown facets. The emerald cut’s appearance face up is perfect for showing off exceptional diamonds. The beautiful large table facet is a window into the stone, so is perfect for a diamond with fantastic clarity. Diamonds in the emerald cut have a sensational clear and clean appearance. It is therefore recommended that you choose an emerald cut diamond with a clarity grading of VS2 and above to ensure that this cut gives the best visual impact possible.

Emerald cut diamonds look absolutely stunning set in rings. Whether in a solitaire, trilogy, cluster or halo setting, an emerald cut diamond makes an elegant and eye-catching statement. Many celebrities such as Amal Clooney, Beyonce, and Victoria Beckham have opted for the stylish emerald cut in their engagement rings. Browse our selection of emerald cut diamond jewellery to find the perfect design for you.

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