Diamond Jewellery Care

Caring for your diamond jewellery is the best way to ensure that it dazzles and shines for years to come! Diamond jewellery requires particular attention, whether it is set in gold or platinum, as diamonds have unique optical and physical properties that mean they should be cared for in a different way to other gemstones. Whether you have a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, pair of diamond earrings or any other piece of diamond set jewellery, it is vital that the jewellery is kept in a wearable condition, and regularly cleaned. Here are our key pointers on caring for your diamond jewellery to keep those diamonds sparkling!


Careful storage of diamond jewellery can ensure its longevity and continual sparkle. Keeping diamond jewellery in a jewellery box with compartments, separated from other pieces can prevent chains from tangling, pairs of earrings from parting ways, settings being loosened by knocks and jewellery being scratched by metal claws and gemstones. Also get into the habit of putting jewellery away whenever it is taken off, as many unfortunate accidents can happen when jewellery is left lying around.

It is best to be cautious when storing diamond jewellery with other items of gem set jewellery. Diamonds are the hardest stone on the Mohs’ Scale, meaning that they can scratch other diamonds, and any other coloured gemstones, particularly softer gemstones such as emeralds, opals, and Derbyshire’s own Blue John.

Keeping diamond jewellery in a fabric lined jewellery box when it is not worn also ensures that it maintains its cleanliness. Of course, diamonds can pick up minute fibres of fabric, but the most notorious source of diamond dirt is grease! Keeping diamonds stored away and not handled unless worn minimises the build up of grease on the surface of the stone.

When travelling, wrap diamond jewellery items separately and pad out to avoid any hard knocks or scratches in transit.


Diamond jewellery should be cleaned regularly. The unique crystal structure of diamond means that it repels water and attracts grease to its surface. This grease and dirt can build up from contact with skin, beauty products, chlorine, and lotions. A build up of this dirt can dull the sparkle of the diamond jewellery, by blocking the passage of light through the facets of the stone. This dulling effect is perfectly normal, and we would recommending cleaning your diamond jewellery weekly to make sure that it is as brilliant as it possibly can be!

Cleaning can be done at home. Mix some dishwashing liquid with boiling water and soak your jewellery items in the solution. Please note, if your diamond jewellery contains treated diamonds, or porous gemstones such as opal, emerald, turquoise, or the diamonds are in antique settings, soaking is not recommended.

Giving diamonds a light scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush dipped in the solution can help dislodge and remove grease and dirt. It is worth focussing on the back of the diamond settings, as this is where dirt tends to build up first. To finish, dry the jewellery with a soft lint-free cloth. Avoid other fabrics as fibres can get caught in claws and appear unsightly.

Many websites reference ultrasonic cleaners in relation to diamond jewellery care. Whilst these machines can be highly effective and quick cleaning solutions, there are drawbacks to using them. Before using an ultrasonic machine, check with one of our experts in store to see if your jewellery is suitable for this method of cleaning.

Jewellery and gemstones that could be damaged by cleaning with an ultrasonic machine:

  • Treated diamonds
  • Opal
  • Emeralds
  • Foil backed settings
  • Antique jewellery
  • Tanzanites
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Any organic gem material: coral, pearls, jet, ivory, tortoiseshell, shell cameos, and amber
  • Malachite
  • Star ruby or sapphire
  • Feldspar
  • Fluorite
  • Iolite
  • Kunzite
  • Topaz
  • Zircon
  • Micro mosaics
  • Composite gem materials such as opal doublets or triplets, garnet topped doublets

Avoid Hard Knocks

Try to avoid wearing your diamond jewellery whilst you are performing strenuous tasks such as exercising, cleaning, DIY or gardening. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, but they can be easily cleaved and split if they are hit hard enough in the right direction. Diamonds have a directional hardness, and this means that they are particularly brittle along natural cleavage planes in the crystal structure.

Diamonds that are set in raised prongs, large stones, or exposed corners of fancy cut diamonds are particularly vulnerable to knocks and breakage. However, if care is taken whilst worn there is no reason why a diamond should break.

If you have a very active lifestyle, and want to wear your diamond jewellery everyday without worrying, it is worth considering a setting style such as a bezel to ensure the diamond is adequately protected.  

Get Diamond Jewellery Regularly Checked

Bring your diamond jewellery into one of our boutiques for an annual check. Our jewellery experts would be happy to look at the jewellery for you and flag any condition issues that can be fixed at our workshop in Derbyshire.

Regular condition checking is particularly important with diamond jewellery, to make sure that these valuable gemstones are securely set and protected. A lot of diamond jewellery, such as engagement rings and wedding bands are worn daily, and so are particularly susceptible to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Monitor your diamond jewellery regularly for anything unusual. Check the diamond’s setting and note if there is any unusual movement that would indicate a loosening of the claws or bezel. If your jewellery contains any pavé set diamonds or a diamond halo, check each individual stone in detail. Often, any condition issues in these stones can be missed on a quick glance.


As with any item of value, diamond jewellery should be insured as a protection from accidental loss, damage or theft. The British Diamond Company recommends insurance plans through renowned jewellery insurers T.H. March. Our one or three year insurance plans are easy to apply for, call our team for a free quotation.

For further information on diamond jewellery care, or to find out more about our insurance plans, contact our team of jewellery specialists either by phone on 01335 453 453 or email sales@britishdiamondcompany.com.