Diamond Cleaning

It is recommended that you clean your diamond jewellery as often as you can to maximise the sparkle and condition. The cleaner your diamond jewellery, the more sparkle and brilliance it will retain. Daily wear of diamond jewellery will result in an inevitable build-up of dirt, grit and grime from the skin and also the environment. Here are some of our top tips to keep your diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and other diamond jewellery clean and maintain that gorgeous sparkle.

How to Clean Diamond Jewellery

Ensure that the diamond is secure in its setting before attempting to clean, if you are unsure please bring it into one of our stores to allow us to carefully assess and check it for you.

First, soak your diamond jewellery in a hot water and dishwashing liquid solution. Soaking the jewellery prior to cleaning will help to loosen any built-up dirt and grease. Do not soak diamond jewellery in a sink, instead we would recommend a small pot.

Then, using a soft-bristled toothbrush carefully and gently scrub the diamond surface and setting. Pay particular attention to the reverse of the diamond setting where dirt is most likely to accumulate. Be careful not to scrub the piece too harshly, particularly when the piece has surrounding pavé set stones as this could affect the setting.

During the cleaning process, continually re-examine the piece under magnification to ensure that all areas of dirt are removed. For any dirt that is difficult to remove with gentle scrubbing, it is worth re-soaking for a longer period of time instead of continued scrubbing.

When you are satisfied that the dirt is removed, diamond jewellery can be dried with a lint-free cloth. Standard jewellery polishing cloths are available from our boutiques. We also offer a cleaning service in store so if your diamond jewellery requires more tender love and care, standard jewellery polishing cloths are available from our boutiques.

Avoid Touching

However appealing, sparkling and scintillating your diamond jewellery, be careful not to over-handle you diamond jewellery. Diamonds are prone to picking up grease and dirt that come from skin cells and this can dull the sparkle of the stone.

Keep Away from Beauty Products

It is recommended that you wait to put on your diamond jewellery only after applying cosmetics. Moisturisers, hairspray, makeup and perfume can all stick to the surface of diamonds. The more of the surface of the diamond is covered by these products, the less the diamonds will sparkle as the light rays are blocked from entering and leaving the stone.

Remove before Showering

Similarly, it is worth removing all diamond jewellery before showering or bathing. Soap, shampoos and shower gels can cause a film to build up on the surface of the diamond that can make the stone appear dull and lifeless. By removing diamond-set jewellery before bathing or showering you can prevent this film from building up. The same applies for swimming, as the chlorine in pools can not only build a layer on the surface of the stone, but can also discolour the metal.

Seek Advice Before Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners can, of course, clean your jewellery very effectively and quickly. However, your diamond jewellery can be seriously harmed if put into an ultrasonic cleaner unchecked. Always seek the advice of one of our stores before placing your jewellery into an ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic machines work by sending vibrations through water in order to shake away the dirt from jewellery settings. These same vibrations can cause damage to diamond jewellery if there are stones loose within the settings, or if the stones are damaged, treated, or porous to water.

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