Cognac Diamonds

Cognac diamonds are type of dark orange to reddish brown diamonds. They are named for their warm, rich and smooth colour. A more sumptuous colour than their lighter yellowish brown counterpart, the champagne diamond, cognac diamonds are perfect for those who desire a bright, bold and sumptuous statement. Cognac diamonds make a great alternative statement for a diamond ring, engagement ring, wedding band, pair of stud earrings or other item of jewellery. They also look fabulous in yellow, white or rose gold settings, as well as platinum and palladium designs.

The term ‘cognac’ is reserved for medium to dark brown diamonds with a secondary orange tone. Using brown diamonds in unique and attractive jewellery is a fairly new concept. It was first done in the 1980s, and the majority of brown diamonds are mined from the Argyle Mine in Australia. Up to 80% of the Arygle Mine’s yield are brown diamonds. Cognac diamond rings are an attractive and cost effective choice of diamond. Brown diamonds are one of the more widely mined fancy coloured gemstones and so are easier to source than their yellow, pink, blue and green counterparts.

The brown colour in diamonds is caused by lattice defects in the diamond crystal due to shear stresses whilst forming deep underground. This process is known as ‘plastic deformation.’ Plastic deformation causes cavities within the crystal lattice that absorb the light that enters the diamond and presents a brown colour to the viewer. The orange colour of diamonds is due atoms of the trace element nitrogen within the crystal structure. Both of these factors combine to create the sumptuous sparkle of a cognac diamond.

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