Baguette Cut Diamonds

The baguette cut diamond is a rectangular shape diamond with 14 facets. One of the step cuts, the baguette cut makes an ideal choice for diamond engagement ring accents, diamond eternity rings or diamond band rings. The tapered baguette cut is another variation on the cut and is trapezoidal in shape. Round diamonds and emerald cut diamonds with baguette cut diamond sides make for striking and elegant diamond engagement rings. Other geometric diamond cuts include the princess cut, emerald cut and the Asscher cut.

Baguette Cut Diamond

The name baguette derives from the French for ‘long rod,’ referring to the long rectangular shape of the cut. The baguette cut can be confused with the emerald cut, however the emerald cut has truncated corners and the baguette cut has pointed corners. The baguette cut is also typically narrower than the emerald cut, and cut in smaller sizes, making it ideal for diamond eternity rings, or accenting a central stone in an engagement or cocktail ring.

The baguette cut shot to popularity in the 1920s, when the Art Deco movement demanded clean lines and geometric elegance in jewellery design. During this time, step cuts were highly fashionable and so the emerald cut and Asscher cut were also prominent in jewellery, often set with baguette cut diamond shoulders. As such, baguette cut diamonds are popular as they give a sophisticated and stylish design to diamond engagement rings.

In diamond band rings, such as an eternity, half eternity or wedding ring, baguette cut diamonds are perfect. They offer a sleek, sophisticated look to the ring without overpowering their neighbouring rings. They look mesmerizing either channel set, set with raised bar spacers or in delicate millegrain collet settings. It is important to match the baguette cuts for colour and clarity, as baguette cuts show off a diamond’s clarity far more than a brilliant due to its large table facet.

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