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Man Made Diamond Necklaces

Discover our selection of fine diamond necklaces precision set with finest quality Lab-Grown diamonds. Lab-Grown diamonds are in extremely high demand as a cleaner alternative to earth mined diamonds, being ethically produced and environmentally friendly.

Our team of specialists grade all of our diamonds to ensure only the best gemstones are used in our jewellery so you can be confident The British Diamond Company will ensure you are thrilled with your purchase. Lab-Grown diamonds are indistinguishable from any earth mined diamond as they are chemically, physically and optically identical. The only person who will know it is man made is you and anyone you tell as it is not possible to see the difference, even by an experienced jeweller.

Speak with our experienced team of diamond specialists for more help and advice selecting the perfect piece of diamond jewellery, be sure to discuss the fantastic interest free finance options that we have available.

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