Trillion Cut Diamonds

The trillion cut is a triangular shape, and is also known as the trilliant, trillian or triangular brilliant cut. The trillion cut typically boasts 31 facets and can have straight or rounded sides. Trillion cut diamonds look stunning set into diamond jewellery and engagement rings, either as a solitaire or as accent stones flanking a principal stone. A pair of trillion cut diamonds look beautiful either side of a princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, radiant cut or Asscher cut in a diamond or gemstone ring.

Trillion Cut Diamond

Trillion cut diamonds are cut from flat, triangular shape rough crystals. These crystals are known as macles in the diamond industry, and are formed by an abrupt change of direction in the growing diamond crystal, forming a ‘twinned’ triangular shape crystal. As they are cut from macles, trillion cut diamonds tend to be cut shallow, and so appear larger face up than their round brilliant cut counterparts of the same carat weight with deeper pavilions. However, this can also mean that trillion cuts appear less brilliant, and also require more frequent cleaning to get the best return of light from the stone.

The trillion cut was first developed in Amsterdam by the Asscher brothers. Despite this, it wasn’t until 1962 that the trillion cut was trademarked by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company of New York. The cut trademarked in 1962 has three very sharp points, differing to many triangular brilliants with slightly rounded points. However, the name trillion soon became synonymous with all triangular brilliant cut diamonds.

When choosing a trillion cut engagement ring, be wary of the diamonds three sharp corners. If left exposed, these are vulnerable to knocks and chipping so ensure that the trillion cut is supported in a V-shape prong or bezel setting for adequate protection of the diamond.

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