Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds have been revered for hundreds of years, since their development in the 19th century. These square to rectangular-shape diamonds have plenty of character and fire, making them the perfect choice for a diamond engagement ring. Set as a solitaire ring, in a halo setting, or cluster ring, cushion cut diamonds epitomize timeless style and romance. Browse our selection of IGI, HRD and GIA certified cushion cut diamonds to find the perfect stone for you. 

Cushion Cut Diamond

The Cushion cut diamond was first cut in the 19th century and was the most popular cut of diamond until the advent of the round brilliant cut in the early 20th century. An early variant of the round brilliant cut, the cushion cut traditionally has 58 facets. The length to width ratio of the cushion cut is usually 1.00 to 1.05 for square shapes, and 1.10 for rectangular shapes. The cushion cut is characterized by its soft square shape, tall crown, small table facet, and large culet. 

The cushion cut is often referred to as the ‘candlelight cut,’ this is because of its excellent reflective and dispersive properties. In addition to this, cushion cut diamonds were indeed cut by candlelight before electricity was invented. This cut gives a particularly brilliant appearance, due to its large facets and steep crown angles.

Owing to its history, the cushion cut offers an unrivalled antique feel, with a glittering dispersion of light. One of the most famous diamonds in the world, the Hope Diamond is a stunning 45.52ct cushion cut blue diamond. Cushion cut diamonds look spectacular set into jewellery, unsurprisingly they are a highly popular choice for engagement rings. In a 2017 survey, Ringspo found the cushion cut to be in the top three most popular diamond cuts, 7.1% of survey participants opted for this dazzling cut in their engagement ring.

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