Certified Diamonds

Browse our selection of certified diamonds. Each of our independently graded diamonds are accompanied by reports from the GIA, IGI or HRD Antwerp laboratories. Ensure the quality of your diamond by browsing the reports from qualified gemologists. The diamond grading report includes the four Cs, making it easier for you to decide upon the perfect diamond for you.

The diamond grading report looks at the internal and external characteristics of the stone, to include cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The laboratory gives an independent and unbiased grading of the stone, therefore ensuring full disclosure of the stone’s characteristics.

The diamonds are assessed loose, and so the carat weight, measurements and proportions are accurately stated within the report. The colour, clarity and cut are all graded in controlled laboratory conditions, giving the buyer peace of mind with unrivalled accuracy.

The report is significant for its independent and unbiased assessment of colour, carat weight clarity and cut. In other words, the diamond report ensures the grading of the stone, allowing you to purchase in confidence.

For further information on our loose and certified diamonds, please contact our in-house team of diamond experts on 01335 453 453 or email sales@britishdiamondcompany.com.